Recruitment Fashion: Dresses

Every sorority has different requirements for recruitment. Some do business casual, some do black dresses, some do matching dresses. Some have fall recruitment, some have spring recruitment. Some sororities are in warm-weather climates and some… not so much.

Here’s a mix of affordable dresses that could fall into all of the different sorority recruitment categories.

This dress from Zara is sooo fabulous and affordable. I love the shape and material. If you fall into the cooler weather//business casual recruitment, this is a perfect option!

Zara Tulip-Skirt Dress: $99

I found this dress on Etsy. It’s feminine, a little longer, and such a pretty color. Really great find and very affordable.

Etsy Sweet Part Collection: $34.11

Another great business casual option, but with a little pizazz. PLUS this dress is SO affordable and you could wear for so many occasions.

Lulu’s Off the Bolt Striped Navy Blue Dress: $34.00

Need a fun flirty dress for recruitment? This Aqua dress from Bloomingdales is GREAT for recruitment during the day and then an easy switch to wear out at night. Hurry, it’s on sale!!

Aqua Aztec Print Fit and Flare Dress: $43.68 


More looks I love …

Alright, bad news about these dresses… I DON’T know where to find them. But I love love love them.

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