Social Media Best Practices

Social media is extremely important for sororities. Just like a business, it’s important to inform, sell, but be interactive on your social platforms. I’m going to breakdown how chapters should/can be using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Facebook has the most tools available for fan pages and there are great ways to utilize all of them.

Facebook Albums: Facebook albums are the best way to reach all of your key audiences; alumni, active sisters, other chapters and potential new members. Create albums for sisterhood events, formals, recruitment, bid day, philanthropies, etc. Tag sisters in photos in order to spread knowledge of the page.

Facebook Events: Facebook events are a great way to spread buzz. If your sorority is having a philanthropy event, create the event from the page and encourage sisters to invite all relevant friends.

Wall photos: Different than a full album, wall photos can be posted individually and right away from your phone or computer.

Videos: Post videos of big events for other sisters or alumn to see that may have missed it.


Statuses: Basic statuses work best on twitter. Congratulate sisters on accomplishments, make announcements, let everyone know what your chapter is up to!

Photos: Live photos from sorority events work great on twitter. It keeps alumni in the loop and looks great to potential new members.

Links: Posting relevant links gives your account a little more substance. This can be stories about sororities, colleges, anything that relates to your house as a whole.

Tweet @ your university: Any big philanthropy or school wide event that your chapter attends, tweet @ your university account. This gives you the opportunity to get retweeted and therefore seen by a lot of potential new members.


Creating a pinterest account would be a great way to share what your chapter is doing via pictures. You can also use it to find ideas from chapters around the country. Email if you’d like an invite to the social network.

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