Shirt of the day: Delta Gamma

Know DG, Know Fun… No DG, No Fun!


#SoroRecruitment series: Videos

Spring recruitment is coming up soon for a lot of schools, so I’ll be writing a recruitment series over the next few weeks to help prepare. Let me know in the feedback section or comments if there’s anything you’re interested in being featured.

One of the most important parts of recruitment (for most schools) is the video. Potential new members get a chance to see what the entire chapter is about and not just the girls they talk to each round. You can’t just get away with a photo slideshow anymore, you have to add videos, themes, special effects, etc. Below are a few of the best examples of recruitment videos from 2011.

Alpha Gamma chapter of AEPhi

WA Beta Pi Phi

Washington State Kappa

Texas Tech Pi Phi

Senior Speech: Gamma Phi Beta Recruitment

Lauren Murawski, a Syracuse University and Gamma Phi Beta alumna, shares her preference round speech from 2011 recruitment at SU. Lauren’s speech demonstrates how important  sisterhood is in college and in life. This is a must-read for all sorority girls.

803 Walnut Ave is a beautiful place. Two fireplaces, a piano, a giant red door, and 33 bedrooms… this is my “house”. I can tell you that none of these things are the reason that I am a sister of Gamma Phi Beta. But when I look around this room, I see all of those reasons resurface in my mind. Thinking back to when I was going through recruitment, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for in a sorority. Many of the things I found at Gamma Phi were fulfilling dreams I didn’t even know I had. Mostly I wanted somewhere I could be myself and have new friends to hang out with. Shortly after joining Gamma Phi I realized that it would soon become something so much more.

Gamma Phi didn’t settle for just letting me be myself, but instead inspired me to become a better version of myself, a person that I could be proud of. I quickly became completely consumed by Greek life, and it was made clear to me that this is what I had been missing all along. My dad always says to me like, “you are living in a fantasy; this is the total college experience” and it forces me think about how my life would be without Gamma Phi Beta. Simply put, it wouldn’t be the complete college experience; I wouldn’t be complete without Gamma Phi Beta. My sisters are so genuine, and have so much kindness in their hearts, and I really don’t think I’m exaggerating when I tell you that they are some of the funniest people I have ever met. These girls won’t allow you to have bad days or let you shed tears over silly boys… they pick you up on your worst day, and before you know it you’ve got a smile from ear to ear, they help you realize that anything that could be bad or scary, really isn’t that scary when you have your sisters by your side. When you get a little you think about how excited you are to inspire her and show her the ropes… but if you really sit back and think about it, she’s the one reminding you to embrace every single moment and being there with you to have the most amazing time. My sisters know me on such a deeper level than any other friend I’ve made in college. There’s a reason they’re called sisters.

When I leave here, I won’t just have all of the amazing friends I’ve made, but I’ll also have all of the memories that we have made together. Even if all of your friends are across the country, our memories will always be there to pull out on a rainy day. And I’m scared to graduate. Not because I don’t want to grow up, even though I don’t, and not because I’m nervous about starting my career, but because I don’t want to leave my sisters… still, I can find comfort in knowing they’re not really going too far, and that they’ll always be just a quick drive, or maybe sometimes a long plane ride away. For sisterhood, it’s worth the trip. If you’re lucky, in college you’ll find someone you love and can spend the rest of your life with. If you’re a Gamma Phi, you’ll find at least 100. 

Recruitment Fashion: Dresses

Every sorority has different requirements for recruitment. Some do business casual, some do black dresses, some do matching dresses. Some have fall recruitment, some have spring recruitment. Some sororities are in warm-weather climates and some… not so much.

Here’s a mix of affordable dresses that could fall into all of the different sorority recruitment categories.

This dress from Zara is sooo fabulous and affordable. I love the shape and material. If you fall into the cooler weather//business casual recruitment, this is a perfect option!

Zara Tulip-Skirt Dress: $99

I found this dress on Etsy. It’s feminine, a little longer, and such a pretty color. Really great find and very affordable.

Etsy Sweet Part Collection: $34.11

Another great business casual option, but with a little pizazz. PLUS this dress is SO affordable and you could wear for so many occasions.

Lulu’s Off the Bolt Striped Navy Blue Dress: $34.00

Need a fun flirty dress for recruitment? This Aqua dress from Bloomingdales is GREAT for recruitment during the day and then an easy switch to wear out at night. Hurry, it’s on sale!!

Aqua Aztec Print Fit and Flare Dress: $43.68 


More looks I love …

Alright, bad news about these dresses… I DON’T know where to find them. But I love love love them.

Shirt of the Day: Sigma Kappa

I really love this shirt! The purple is such a pretty color and looks great with the white dove and pink text. Added bonus: LOVE this picture. For houses with double doors, this is such a great shot during recruitment.

Recruitment tips!

Pinterest potential

I’m completely addicted to Pinterest! I can’t help but think about the potential it could have with sororities.

For those who don’t know, Pinterest lets you organize all of the pictures that you find online into different pinboards. It’s like an online bulletin board. My boards include sorority apparel, bid day, greek letters, etc. This could be such a great place for different chapters to swap ideas for recruitment, philanthropies, t-shirts and WAY more.

Currently, there are SOME greek boards on Pinterest, but nothing too inspiring. If you’d like an invite, email and help me dig into the Pinterest potential!


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