Sorority Formal Themes

A lot of formals are coming up, so I thought it was a great time to write about formal themes! Some of these can solely be with decorations, while others would be great for sisters to dress up for.

1. Nautical

A nautical theme may be more appropriate for the spring, but I definitely think it can work any time. Sisters can dress for the occasion, or just go big with decorations.

There are a lot of options with what you can use for Nautical: Anchors, sailboats, sea shells, sand, starfish, and so much more.

Favor ideas: flip flops, baseball caps

2. Winter Wonderland

I’m dreaming of a white…formal! Who doesn’t love a winter wonderland? No one. Just lots of white, lots of frosting!

Favor idea: champagne flute

3. What happens in Vegas …

Casino theme anyone? Since you can’t go to Vegas for formal (most of us), bring Vegas to you. Casino themed, food, decorations, dresses, favors, could be really fun.

Favor idea: Deck of cards

4. Hollywood 

Unless of course your chapter is in LA, in which case we’d recommend New York, New York themed. But Hollywood theme is always glamourous and fun!

You could have a red carpet or a Walk of Fame. Lots of stars and sparkle, a photobooth, sliver and red balloons, etc.

Favor ideas: Any alcohol glassware, shirts

5. Mardi Gras

I’ve never been to Mardi Gras, but it makes for a GREAT theme! First decoration to buy: beads, beads and more beads! Then lots of purple, yellow and green everything.

Favor ideas: More drinking glassware, koozies

Let us know what themes your sorority has done!

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